Burger Fetish

Please Excuse Moi Fetish. 
It sounds sexual but yes, Burgers are addicting. 
From the famous McDonald's to BurgerKing to even homemade burgers, I don't think someone could resist these temptations. :))
It's the one of the fast food chains' Top Served Food. Some say it's junk but some say it's heaven. Not to mention the Fresh Fried Patty topped with BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato) or Cucumbers, Cheese and Ketchup, all together packed between Buns with Sesame Seeds on top. Yummy! Some even prefer having it from the regular to Double and to the Heavy Topped Burgers.
In my own preference, I love burgers with loads of medium size. I love Heavies but stick with the diet. Love the plain burgers with Fat Patties and Thick Cheese melting and Oh Yeah Ketchup completes the setup. Other loads would taste cool too but Nah, i'll chill with my taste. :)
Hearing from normal people, burgers are only easy-cooked food that just would set an appetite to anyone but to professional chefs, it's a matter of life and death to create one big bombastic combination and assure the right taste would tease the taste of the customers. :) Ohh. That made me wan't to be a Chef though.


Gluttony Christmas Everyone!

   Are you all ready with your Yuletide Cheers? But that's not just what you need to prepare, you've got to ready those taste buds and that full-pack bladder there! 'cause this Christmas won't settle for less when it comes to food. I guess, it's one of the factors that keeps the whole Christmas-sy spirit and gathers everyone on the dining table.

Even for those who'll be spending the Holidays alone, it's the only happiness!

Click this and Laugh!

So heads up for Delicious Holiday Specials!

Last Sin

     If I shall commit a sin before I vanish from this world, I would definitely push myself at any cost to commit 'Gluttony'. Yes, you saw that right. Gluttony. And to be specific, Food is the main course here. I bet millions of people would do the same, and I can't blame them. Wherever you go, Whenever and Whatever! There is no doubt that Food dominates this world!

That moment when you feel so sick and horrible, and FOOD is the only cure. :))